Lì Xià: Start of Summer

Lì Xià: Start of Summer

立夏 Lì Xià: Start of Summer

May 5th through May 20th marks the time of立夏 Lì Хià, translated as Start of Summer, the 7th term in the ancient Chinese solar calendar. It is also the first solar term of the summer season. 立夏 Lì Хià, or Start of Summer solar term begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 45° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 60°.

Let’s look at the meaning of 立夏 Lì Хià:

立 Lì: begin or commence
夏Хià: growth

Let the bountiful growth commence!

Each of the 24 solar terms is further divided into 3 pentads or a group of five. In the case of 立夏 Lì Хià, its 3 pentads are:

1st pentad – 獺祭魚crickets and grasshoppers chirp
2nd pentad – 鴻雁來earthworms emerge from the earth
3rd pentad – 草木萌動gourds reach maturity

The Beginning of Summer

立夏 Lì Хià marks the beginning of the summer season. However, if the south of China has already entered the realm of heat, Northern China is still experiencing cool temperatures and therefore it feels more like spring. The Start of Summer ushers in longer days, shorter nights, rising temperatures and increasing rain showers. Thunder also occurs more often as well as pleasant breezes and warm air follow right after it. Full of vigor and vitality, nature is flourishing and bountiful during this time. Blossoming wild flowers adorn meadows and mountains.

“If it rains on the day of Start of Summer, there will be good harvest that year.” – Chinese Proverb

Varieties of fruits, grains and vegetables are reaching full maturity and are being harvested at this time. It is traditional to enjoy locally grown and freshly picked seasonal foods during this solar term. Tea picking is at its peak during this period. Tea grows abundantly and even the slightest delay in harvesting tea leaves adds bitterness to the leaves and takes away from its value.

“If it is cold during Start of Summer, there will be poor harvest” -Ancient Chinese Proverb

The Rice Planting Festival

Beautiful reflection of sunset colors in rice terrace valley in Ubud village, Bali, Indonesia. Agricultural field of rice terraces

Each of the 24 solar terms on the ancient Chinese solar calendar has its own unique traditions and customs which have been followed by the Chinese people for centuries and in some cases thousands of years. The Rice Planting Festival and the Bama Longevity Banquet are both held annually on the first day of the Start of Summer solar term in Southern China. It is believed that rice originated in the land we call China today and was domesticated at least eight thousand years ago. The Rice Planting Festival is sacred to the Yao people of Southern China who have been planting and depending on this crop for generations. Rice terraces in this region are some of the most picturesque and breathtaking in the world.

During the 5th solar term 清明 Qīng Мíng, or Clear and Bright, the Yao people plant rice into the dry earth. On the first day of the 7th solar term 立夏 Lì Хià, or Start of Summer, the rice seedlings are then transplanted onto the wet rice paddies to ensure a bountiful harvest.

More seedlings transplanted in summer means more grains stored for winter – Ancient Chinese Saying

The entire process from planting to harvest is done by hand by the Yao community. The tilling of the soil in preparation for sowing is done by buffalo.

“This is very idyllic lifestyle. I am covered in mud and I’ve been bent over in the fields planting rice. I have to say I couldn’t be happier.” – a guest in attendance of the Rice Planting Festival

The Yao people have followed their customs and traditions for thousands of year and are known for their “unusual” longevity.

“70 year old men are regarded as middle-aged here” – saying of a Yao Man

Summer According to the Ancients

“In the three months of summer there is an abundance of sunshine and rain. The heavenly energy descends, and the earthly energy rises. When these energies merge, there is intercourse between heaven and earth. As a result, plants mature and animals, flowers, and fruit appear abundantly. One may retire somewhat later at this time of year, while still arising early. One should refrain from anger and stay physically active, to prevent the pores from closing and the Qi from stagnating. It is important to be happy and easygoing and not hold grudges, so that the energy can flow freely and connect the external with the internal. That way, illness may be averted in the fall. As problems in the summer way cause injury to the heart organ and manifest in autumn.” -黃帝內經 Huangdi Neijing, The Yellow Emperorʼs Internal Classic Simple Questions (3rd century B.C.)

“Let the mind have no anger, and things will blossom beautifully” -黃帝內經 Huangdi Neijing

The Ancient Chinese lived and worked in harmony with nature. During the colder months it was time for hibernation, and during the Spring it was time to be more active. As we enter Summer, remember to make time for the people who bring you joy, nurture creative projects, exercise outside, go on adventures, stay out a little later, drink water, and relax! Take long deep breaths and enjoy nature. Accordingly, make time for a nap in the middle of the day if you need it!

The Energy of the Ancient Chinese Summer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is the most Yang time of the year. It corresponds with the Fire element which represents the heart, small intestine, and pericardium organs. During this time you will find growth both in nature as well as in your own life. The Fire element is associated with the tongue, the emotion joy, the color red, and the sound of laughter. Likewise, the climate is hot, and the taste is bitter.

The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout our entire bodies. In TCM it also houses the 神Shen or spirit. When the element of fire is in balance and harmony with your body, it is strong and healthy, the spirit is calm and you sleep well. Disharmony within the Fire element may display itself as insomnia, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, mania, or depression. Dao Yin exercises and specified breathing techniques such as laughing Qi Gong are great to help calm the spirit. Drink enough water and most importantly, be joyful and laugh!!!

Yíngyǎng (营养) Nutritional Corner –立夏 Lì Xià: Start of Summer

It is recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine to eat hydrating foods during the Summer months. Try refreshing foods such as watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, pear, and mung bean soup. If you are a Yang Body Type, consider adding more of the following fruits to your diet:

  • Lemons
  • Mangoes
  • Coconuts
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Oranges

If you are a Yin Body Type, consider adding more of the following fruits to your diet:

  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cucumber
  • Mung Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • String Beans
  • Tofu (Soy Beans, Edamame)

A Note From Jiao Shi

Summer is a time to play. Release your inner child like the first day out of school. Allow your energy to flourish and expand like the ripe fruit on a tree.  Be sure to get the correct type of sunlight daily, as well as oxygen and water. Exercise and allow yourself time to rest and reset when needed. May you enjoy your Summer, and fill your days with fun and your home with laughter!

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Dà Xuě: Major Snow

Dà Xuě: Major Snow

大雪 Dà Xuě: Major Snow

December 7th through December 20th marks the time of 大雪 Dà Xuě, or Major Snow, the 21st term in the Ancient Chinese solar calendar and 3rd portion of Winter.  It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 255° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 270°e of 240°.

The temperature drops significantly in Northern China and across the Northern Hemisphere as snowfall increases and dryness ensues. According to the Ancient Chinese, during this period it is especially important to prevent the outbreak of respiratory illnesses by wearing a warm scarf to protect the neck, drinking water, and practicing daily Dao Yin exercises.

Plum blossoms begin to flower in southern China, and sometimes bloom even earlier. This beautiful tree, which originated in China, is revered in Chinese culture for its resilience during severe winters. It is considered one of the Three Friends of Winter along with the pine tree and bamboo.

大 Dà means “big, great or major,” and 雪 Xuě is “snow.” It is said that “A fall of seasonal snow gives promise of a fruitful year.”


Winter According to The Ancients

Hot porridge is believed to help warm and nourish the body in cold weather. In China, it is customary to eat red bean porridge on the first day of Major Snow and eight-treasure porridge on the eighth day of the last month of the lunar year. In addition, there are other varieties such as wheat porridge, sesame porridge, radish porridge, walnut porridge and tuckahoe porridge – something for every Body Type!


梅花 Plum Blossoms

A Famous Poem from the Song Dynasty:

梅花 Plum Blossoms
By Wang Anshi

“At a wall corner some plum trees grow;
Alone against cold white blossoms blow.
Aloof one knows they aren’t the snow,
As faint through air soft fragrances flow.”

Enjoy the natural landscapes all over China during Major Snow!

May you continue to balance and harmonize yourself as we transition into 大雪 Dà Xuě. Enjoy the beautiful story of Hua Tuo below, and stay warm!

Hua Tuo, The Innkeeper & Two Men

“In the ninth day of the ninth month is the double ninth festival. A group of young men from a rich family were in a bar at an inn to see who could eat the most crabs. The big crabs had much flesh with yellow, delicious oil. All of the young men found that the more they ate, the more delicious the food became. The empty shells on the table were like a small tower.

Hua Tuo brought his apprentices to the inn to have a drink. He saw the group of young men. He thought they were crazy for trying to outdo each other in devouring crabs. Hua Tuo kindly advised them that the crabs were cold in character and that they shouldn’t eat too much.

“Young men you have your match to see who can eat the most crabs. It is not a good thing.”

The young men felt quite unhappy with the words of the old doctor, “We have the food that we buy with our own money. Who cares what you have to say!”

Hua Tuo advised, “If you have too much of the crabs you will get diarrhea. Then maybe risk your lives.”

One young man hastened, “Go, go, go. Don’t come here to frighten other people. We are just eating crabs. It is none of your concern.”

The young man who said these words was drunk. He did not heed the advice of Hua Tuo. The young men continued to eat and drink to their hearts’ content.

One cried out loudly, “Crab is a delicious food. Has anyone heard anything as ridiculous as they can kill people? We are at the limits of our stomach. We just make the old man envious.”

Hua Tuo found that the young men were making much noise, were unreasonable, and would not follow his advice. So he decided to say something to the master of the inn.

“Don’t sell anymore crab to them. The food can endanger human life.”

The innkeeper was more interested in the money of the customers than the words of Hua Tuo.

With an angry tone he snapped, “This matter is none of your business! Don’t meddle in my matters.”

Hua Tuo sighed heavily and sat down to have his own drink. Until midnight, the group of young men kept eating. Suddenly, one fell to the floor and doubled over in abdominal pain. Soon, the others followed. Their pain was so intense that they began to sweat profusely. They were on the floor writhing with pain.
The master of the inn became terribly frightened and dumbfounded.

“What is the matter with you boys?” he asked nervously.

“We have much pain, please ask a doctor to help us.”

“In the depth of night, where can I find a doctor!” the innkeeper cried.

“We entreat you to charitably achieve this good act, if no doctor comes to see us, we may lose our lives!”

By that time Hua Tuo came over and said, “I am a doctor.”

The young people were surprised and their faces turned red with embarrassment. They thought that the old person asked them not to have too many crabs because he was jealous. Now they lose face as they had turned away the words of the old man. Doubled over in pain, they clutched their abdomens with both hands.

They begged Hua Tuo, “Please cure our disease.”

Hua Tuo laughed, “Just now you said you don’t need me to manage your business.”

“Your Excellency, please forget our villainous words,” one young man pleaded.

Another added, “Please good doctor, show your mercy upon us. How much money would you like, it is no problem. We only ask you to save our lives.”

“I don’t need money.”

“If you want anything else, just name it!” the boys replied.

“I only ask you to agree to one thing.”

“One thing, one thousand, ten thousand things, we will do! Please offer your demand quickly!”

“From now on,” Hua Tuo said, “you should accept the advice of older persons. Don’t run wild again.”

“Certainly, certainly, whatever you ask, please save our lives quickly, please!”

Hua Tuo left them to await his return. He went to get his apprentices and sent them to a wild area to collect a purple-colored herb. They harvested the stems and the leaves of the herb and decocted them for the young men. After drinking the decoction, their abdominal pain stopped.

Hua Tuo asked, “How do you feel after drinking the medicine?”

“Much more comfortable,” they replied.

Hua Tuo thought to himself, hmmm, the herb hasn’t a name.  He then said aloud, “After consuming this herb people have a comfortable feeling, so from now one we will call it purple comfortable herb.”

The young people gave thousands and thousands of thanks, said good-bye and left.

Hua Tuo scolded the innkeeper, “How dangerous. From now on, you must pay attention to more than just earning money. You must pay attention to the lives of others!”
The innkeeper solemnly nodded his head again and again.

When Hua Tuo left the inn, the apprentices asked him, “The leaves of the purple herb can expel the poison of crabs? Which book recorded this knowledge?”

Hua Tuo told his apprentices. “None of the ben cao [Chinese herbals] mentions this. I learned it from an animal.”

The story is this: One day I was in the mountains in the south part of the Yangtze River to collect some drugs. I saw a common otter. The otter caught a very big fish, spent a long time eating it, and finally swallowed it. His abdomen was swollen, as full as a drum. Then the otter spent time in the water, and time on the bank, time lying without moving, and time turning from side to side, as if writhing in pain. We can guess that the common otter was very uncomfortable. At last, the otter crept to the bank to a clump of purple plants. The otter ate some leaves of the herb and then laid down for a rest. Unexpectedly, nothing happened. Hua Tuo thought that the fish character belonged to cold and that the purple herb character belonged to warm.

“I thought that the purple herb could expel the fish poison. Since this time I remembered this in my mind,” he told his apprentices with a glint in his eye.”

Story Credit: https://www.herbalgram.org/resources/herbalgram/issues/82/table-of-contents/article3397/

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Harmonizing Your Training with the Body Type System™ Part 1

Harmonizing Your Training

Harmonizing Your Training

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ is a set of movements developed by Jiao Shi that focuses on the energetic pattern of each particular Body Type, involving warming up and cooling down phases. They will help you understand and discover what exercise regime is most beneficial for you Body Type™.

Mastering these movements allows the practitioner to reset their body and take charge of their own health. They reinforce and motivate the spark within you. Don’t let these elusively simple exercises fool you, they are working on harmonizing the body from within.

What does this mean? They are NOT Western style exercises. Much like Dao Yin, the work is done inside of the body to enhance healing, wellbeing, and longevity with coordinated breathing techniques and specific body movements.


“The natural course of things is always followed. This prevents one from harming their post-heaven strength. Focus is on beneficial cultivation of one’s natural life force as the core of training. All people – men, women, the old, and the young – may practice in order to replace temerity with bravery; and stiffness with pliability. Those of you who are weak, who suffer from fatigue and injury or illness, or who have weakened your qi from the practice of other martial arts to the point that you no longer have the strength to train, all of you may practice 太極拳. With practice, the qi will quickly return to a balanced state and will become strong, while the spirit naturally returns to a state of wholeness. Disease will be eliminated and the length of life increased.”

-Sun Lu-Tang


What Do These Simple Exercises ACTUALLY Do?

In Ancient China, Daoyin originated through Chinese Daoism. Moreover it is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine today, along with many other modalities such as acupuncture, an mo, herbology, qigong and more. The concept, as always, is to treat the origin of disease in the ENTIRE body by returning you back to your original function. This includes the physical body both internally and externally, the mind, emotions, and spirit.

These breathing methods require a minimal amount of movement to achieve maximum results leading to internal peace and a calm emotional state. As a result they also restore the qi running uninhibited through your body.  Consider the turtle – a slow moving animal who lives 400+ years.  There is even a special style of Wudang Qigong called the Turtle Form 龟形 (demonstrated by Master Chen Shiyu below).



Lastly, the keys to healing and restoration are already in you – waiting for permission to be released. Bring balance to your body through coordinated breathing exercises specifically developed for your Body Type™.

Ready to learn more?  Stay tuned for Part 2, and read a few testimonials from some of our clients who have been practicing Harmonizing Your Training™ below!

  • "The Body Type excercise is my go to exercise. I do them in the morning and before I go to bed. Whenever I am upset, stressed, emotional, or just need some clarity during the day – I take some time to do them and I gain perspective again. These are life changing – just the simple breathing and movements grounds me. I don’t know where I would be without them."

  • "The Body Type exercise is great. I tell people all the time it can be done anywhere…i can attest to that as I have done my exercise in the bathroom in the airport many times as the process of flying is stressful .SO once I make it to the gate I find a bathroom, do my exercise and am much calmer."

  • "Emotion, stress, worry, sadness, anxiety, headache, backache, toothache, heartache – you name it – my Body Type exercises take care of everything – no exaggeration – and the effects get better with time – i have been doing Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System for several years – i cannot describe to you what solid quality care and energy boost these provide – your commitment is a must though!"

  • "I was having a strong headache earlier today; laid down hoping that will take care of it; woke up with it still present; took the time; focused & relaxed; lol …. Did my upset-reset exercise and breathing; the headache eased up during the exercises; it has now been a couple of hours; it is gone!! For real! Even I am taken by surprise since that was one strong disturbing headache; I couldn’t function …I was thinking … in the past, such a headache would have prompted me to take a pill … where would I have been without the Body Type System?! for real; what a blessing!?"


Interesting Fact!

From the very beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, physicians and patients in China have been using Tai Ji Quan/Qigong to help boost their Zheng Qi.  Other countries, such as Russia, have also followed these protocols to help protect themselves and heal their patients and have seen great success.


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Daoyin and The Way of Softness

L0036007 Daoyin tu – chart for leading and guiding people in exercise

Daoyin Tu and the Ma Wang Dui Tomb

In 1973 archaeologists uncovered Daoyin Tu at the Ma Wang Dui tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Daoyin Tu is a chart demonstrating 44 postures and movements which lead and guide people in exercises developed to prevent illness, boost immunity, cure diseases and treat pain. Under each movement lies the name of the disease that the posture can help cure. The document was buried in the tomb in 168 BC, proving that the ancients were practicing energy and breathing exercises thousands of years ago.


The Daoyin Tu; a painting on silk depicting the practice of Daoyin; unearthed in 1973 in Hunan Province, China, from the 168 BC Western Han burial site of Mawangdui, Tomb Number 3.

Daoyin principles and coordinated breathing are practiced to maintain health, fight disease, and enhance the quality of life since times of antiquity and are an integral part of the Chinese culture.

Let’s take a look at what Daoyin actually means:

Dao Qi Ling He: Circulate Qi for Internal Harmony

Yin Ti Ling Rou: to Exercise and Soften the Body


Breathing in and out, exhaling and inhaling, they get rid of the old to absorb the new. They swing like bears and stretch like birds – all this they do in order to have long life. They are Daoyin disciples, people who nourish their form seeking for longevity like Pengzu.

莊子 Zhuangzi



Hua Tuo and the Five Animals Play

Over two thousand years ago during the late Eastern Han Dynasty the legendary physician 華佗 Hua Tuo (110-208 AD) developed the Five Animals Play 氣功 Qigong exercise sequence for clearing the mind and eyes, boosting the cardio-pulmonary functions, strengthening the waist and kidneys and smoothing the joints.

The story goes that one day 華佗 Hua Tuo noticed a child grabbing a door latch and swinging it over and over again. While observing how the door hinge continued to spin without stopping, 華佗 Hua Tuo realized that the repetitive action prevented the wood from developing wormholes. He further confirmed that most diseases were caused by Qi-Blood inhibition and stasis.

So, just like the latch, if a human body keeps moving and the Qi-Blood flows smoothly, health is nurtured and diseases do not occur easily.

華佗 Hua Tuo devoted much of his time to observing animals and finding the most effective way for the human body to exercise. Later in his life he developed a set of movement patterns that mimicked a tiger’s attack, a deer running, an ape jumping, a bear while walking, and a crane while spreading its wings. 華佗 Hua Tuo made sure that the exercises were easy to learn and practice. It did not matter the age or gender; anyone was capable of practicing the simple movements.

History of the Later Han

華佗 Hua Tuo wrote in The History of the Later Han:


“Man’s body must have exercise, but it should never be done to the point of exhaustion. By moving about briskly, digestion is improved, the blood vessels are opened, and illnesses are prevented. It is like a used doorstep which never rots. As far as Dao Yin is concerned, … it eliminates sickness, benefits the legs, … . If you feel out of sorts, just practice one of my frolics. A gentle sweat will exude, the complexion will become rosy; the body will feel light and you will want to eat.”

華佗 Hua Tuo

Consequently, f

or almost two thousand years variations of the exercises developed by Hua Tuo have been practiced in Daoist Temples for health and meditation as well as warm up and cool down exercises before and after monks train in hard style martial arts.

Martial Arts Masters as well as physicians throughout China have traditionally prescribed Dao Yin exercises to help prevent or heal injuries, improve health, and cure various illnesses alongside other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Interesting Fact!

In 2020 太極拳 taijiquan, known as Tai Chi or Taiji in the West, was placed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list by UNESCO, describing it as a traditional physical practice characterized by relaxed, circular movements that work in concert with breath regulation and the cultivation of a righteous and neutral mind.


Daoyin: An Incredible History

In the past five thousand years, variations of breathing and energy exercises have been practiced by millions of people all around the world and have been shown to improve health, increase energy, revitalize the body and mind, prevent or control disease, tone the internal organs, improve balance, reduce stress, boost the immune system, remove toxins, tone the muscles and tendons, uplift mood, contribute to longevity, increase lung capacity, encourage deep breathing, help with relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety and build strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and balance.


“Medicine is not as good as food. Food is not as good as Qi.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb


Join us for Ancient Dao Yin Practices with Jiao Shi in our Morning Workout Class every weekday at 7:30am ET to benefit and learn from this incredible legacy!

“First of all..I love the morning workouts! Jiao Shi reminds me of the endearing Mr. Rogers. I bow to his kindness, gentle strength and positive attitude and wisdom. It is refreshing and super great way to start the day. -J.R. OR Amazing, awesome I feel great!!! Grateful for the replays! Love Teacher!!! Best investment for my temple!!! I bow!!!!!!” – J.R.


“Beautiful spark for enhancing my body. Have a great day!” – L.J.


“OMG WHAtttt the ……. I just did one of the older classes I feel like a million bucks…WOW I just did the class from today; I didn’t realize I was seeing in a fog until I did today’s” – S.R.


“It is so interesting to pay attention to how I am affected since starting this class. I am calmer more often. I am more ME. Things literally flow differently….more harmoniously.” –N.F.





OHO Seminars Dare to Decide



Dare to Decide.

Do you struggle with indecision? Are you constantly overthinking and over-analyzing situations? Are you afraid of making the wrong choice, and so you make none at all? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur looking to produce quicker and more accurate results.

But…what if you didn’t waste time being STUCK anymore? In fact, what if you learned how to be UN-stuck. And what if I told you that you could make any decision in a few seconds, without thinking at all.

Would you be ready to make a choice?

OHO Seminars is happy to present the newest addition to our course offerings, DARE TO DECIDE. This course is for ANYONE looking to LEVEL UP on their decision making skills.




Dare to Decide and Leave Indecision Behind.


Imagine this: you are faced with the biggest decision of your entire life and you don’t flinch – you know exactly what to do.  And guess what? It only took you a few seconds to make that decision.  How you might be asking yourself?

Because you now know EXACTLY where your decision center lies.

You were never actually STUCK, you just didn’t know how to access the ability within your own body.


  • NO more guessing
  • NO more anxiety
  • NO more overthinking

Are you ready to let go of all that holds you back? Forget questioning yourself, and step with confidence as you DARE TO DECIDE to take action in your own life.



Dare to Decide: Take Your Decision Making to the Next Level


Join us July 8-10, 2021! Don’t miss out on this LIMITED TIME ONLY course! This course includes three days and three life changing scenarios along with the tools and strategies you need to make any decision and overcome that “stuck” feeling.

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Eating For Your Body Type

What are you putting in your body?

Just as we all have individual personality traits, we also have different body constitutions. The Body Type System™ is a form of the Ancient Chinese Evaluation Method used to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration. The Body Type System™ is not a fad diet: it is a LIFESTYLE change.

The nature of each type of food that you eat has an effect on your body. China’s King of Medicine, Sun Simiao, wrote the following around 652 BC in Essential Prescriptions for Every Emergency worth a Thousand in Gold,

“When a person’s body is balanced and harmonious, you must merely nurture it well. All substances that contain Qi provide food and thereby preserve life. And yet, eating them unaware can mean success or failure. To secure the body at the root, you must provide it with food. A person who does not know the appropriateness of food is unable to preserve life. Food is able to expel evil and stabilize the viscera and bowels, and to please the spirit and clear the will, thereby protecting blood and Qi. If you are able to use food to balance out chronic disorders, release emotions, and chase away disease, you can call yourself an outstanding craftsperson. This is the special method of lengthening the years and “eating for old age” and the utmost art of nurturing life.”

Sun Simiao

Eating For Your Body Type?

“All substances that contain Qi provide food and thereby preserve life.” Notice how Sun Simiao says ALL SUBSTANCES THAT CONTAIN QI provide FOOD? We are not linking “eating” to the oral administration of food products. Food is ANY substance that contains Qi. Ninety percent of the energy that your body receives is from SUNLIGHT, OXYGEN, and WATER alone. NINETY PERCENT! That makes the eating of food products ONLY TEN PERCENT or less of your energetic production.

If you want to be guided to YOUR SUCCESS, learn about all of the foods that your body processes: sunlight food, oxygen food, water food, and lastly the correct oral food based on your Body Type. Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and get some sun. Exercise for your Body Type and drink plenty of water.

In the East, food is eaten for nourishment and the preservation of health to AVOID dis-ease and illness. People practice Tai Ji in their schools, work, parks, and at their homes. It is a part of their everyday life. Did you know that with simple movements and coordinated breathing, you can regulate your body’s physiological function to maintain and restore your health?

Book an initial consult with Jiao Shi today to get started on the journey to SELF DISCOVERY.

What is The Body Type System?

Are You Searching For a System That Works?

Have you ever looked for a system that is UNIQUE TO YOU? You’ve tried exercise regimes and fad diets that weren’t quite right, only to stop and start – recovering from injuries. These are the kinds of questions we have concerned ourselves with for a LIFETIME.


The journey begins with YOU!!! Find out where you are so that you can get to where you are going. The Body Type System™ was discovered by our founder Jiao Shi, a retired Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Not only is the old new again, but the SCIENCE OF THE ANCIENTS is rediscovered.

What Body Type are YOU?

Are you the Body Type that should be doing Yoga, or avoiding it? Are you the Body Type that should be a weightlifter, or never do weights? How about cycling or running? Did you know that some people should never in their life have EVER eaten vegetables? Crazy right???!!! Which Body Type is gluten full, and NEVER ever gluten free? How about the Body Type that should never have eaten any type of animal products?

Consequently these and other questions will be answered in your session.

Jiao Shi will briefly explain what The Body Type System means specifically for you, what Body Type you are, which exercises are most beneficial, as well as which foods will release your ENERGETIC MATRIX. After that, he will answer any questions you might have and make further suggestions such as one of our exercise and/or nutrition courses.

What is the Body Type System™?

The Body Type System™ is a form of Ancient Chinese Evaluation Method used to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration.

The Body Type System™ was developed to help individuals connect back to their inner nature through realignment of their own unique energetic profile. This system, therefore, provides understanding on why nutrition and life style habits aid in function or dysfunction in your body. Moreover, it also offers tools to pin point and identify the core reasons for choices on your life path.

If you had the information you needed from the beginning of your life to chart a course that would help you avoid the pitfalls of healthcare, would you learn it?

Years ago I heard about Navigating Nutrition & Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System from a relative. At the time I was recovering from breast surgery and decided to try it. I only wish that I was introduced to The Body Type System earlier in life to avoid all of the pain I have caused myself. Thank you for teaching me how to have the energy to celebrate life every day!” – Bella


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Bian Que and the King of Qi

Bian Que’s Warning


If you are familiar with our blog, you likely read our most recent post on 扁鵲 Bian Que and his three brothers (if you haven’t done that, here ya go!).  He was a highly skilled doctor from the ancient land of Qin.

One day his path crossed with King Huan, who ruled the Qi state during the Eastern Zhou period. Being skilled in the four exams, he could not help but notice that the King was ill,

“You have an illness and right now it is between your skin and muscle. Ignore it and it will go inside you.”

Convinced that 扁鵲 Bian Que was seeking fame and riches, the King ignored his words.

When the two met again a few days later, 扁鵲 Bian Que did not hold back,

“Your illness is now in your meridian system. It will go in further if ignored.”

The physician’s words annoyed the King who kept insisting that he was not ill.

When the doctor and King Huan met again a few days later, 扁鵲 Bian Que spoke the following words,

“Your illness has reached the intestines and stomach. It will get worse if neglected.”


The King’s decision


Five days later when 扁鵲 Bian Que saw the King, he did not utter one single word. The Sovereign became curious and sent a servant after the physician to find out why.

扁鵲 Bian Que explained,

“When the illness is between skin and muscle, merely soup or plaster will cure it. When the illness is in the meridian system, acupuncture and medicinal stones can take care of it. When the illness is in the intestines and stomach, medicinal wine can treat it. But when the illness is in the bone marrow, even the god in charge of fate cannot do anything about it. The King’s illness is now in his bone marrow, so I can no longer offer to cure it.”

When the King eventually felt pain a few days later, he called for 扁鵲 Bian Que who had already left. King Huan died shortly after.


Bian Que & Prevention through education


Prevention protocols have always been necessary, however, not always recognized or taken advantage of for their indispensable value and speedy effectiveness.

How about you? Would you like to claim your life back by charting your own healthcare course? How about maximizing your experiences with life and avoiding major healthcare tragedies? And what if I told you that harmony is only one decision away?

“Years ago I heard about Navigating Nutrition & Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System from a relative. At the time I was recovering from breast surgery and decided to try it. I only wish that I was introduced to The Body Type System earlier in life to avoid all of the pain I have caused myself. Thank you for teaching me how to have the energy to celebrate life every day!” – Bella

Discovering your Body Type is where the journey back to health and function begins. Our founder and developer of the Body Type System™, Jiao Shi, a retired Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine uses a form of Ancient Evaluation to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of the human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration.

Once your Body Type is determined, an exercise and nutritional program that best suits you will be recommended.

Don’t miss out on this incredible program! Prevention happens through education, are you ready to change your life?


Prevention is Key

Prevention is Key
Prevention is Key 难经 NAN JING Classic of Difficult Issues Chapter 77: Superior and Mediocre Doctors
难经 NAN JING Classic of Difficult Issues Chapter 77: Superior and Mediocre Doctors

Prevention is Key in Ancient China

In Ancient China a physician received his or her pay only if their patient was well. If a person under their care fell sick, it meant that the doctor did not do his or her job which was to keep them healthy. They then treated the patient for free until they were well again.

For some physicians whose medical responsibility was to keep high level government officials healthy, maintaining their patient’s well being was a matter of life and death. Not only would they be executed, but their families would as well.

Historically people in China have visited their physicians on a regular basis seeking acupuncture, herbal treatments, nutrition suggestions and lifestyle guidance to maintain their Zheng Qi and overall energy for daily function. The mindset practiced by both physicians and the public has been prevention for thousands of years. The doctor’s role was to keep the community healthy. Their whole focus was not on treating an illness but on preventing it.

Body Type Me!

The question you might have is: “How do I practice prevention here and now?” or “How do I stop the never ending and ever draining cycle of doctor visits, prescriptions, medical bills and “We cannot tell what is wrong with you”?” or even “How do I make sure that my energy is high so that I can live my best life every day?”

The first step is to discover what Your Body Type is. Schedule your Body Type Me Initial Consultation in which you will be Body Typed by our founder Jiao Shi, a retired Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Prevention is Key

What To Expect

What can you expect from your initial virtual visit with OHO Seminars and Jiao Shi?

Jiao Shi will briefly explain what Body Type you are, what that means nutritionally and energetically for you, and then go over your consultation questionnaire. He will then answer any questions you might have and make further suggestions such as one of our Nutrition or Exercise Courses. If you are doing a family consultation, Jiao Shi will repeat the same process for each family member.

Body Type Me Initial Consultations are dynamic, engaging and enlightening. Are you ready to take the next step?  Prevention is Key!

Three Physician Brothers

Three Physician Brothers: Bian Que

Three Physician Brothers

Thousands of years ago during the Warring States period (407-310 BC) there was a physician known for his medical skills in the land which modern man calls China. People called him 扁鵲 Bian Que which was the highest honor for a doctor in ancient times, however his given name was 秦越人 Qin Yueren.

One day 扁鵲 Bian Que was asked by the King, “Who amongst your brothers is the best physician?”

扁鵲 Bian Que answered, “My oldest brother is the best. My second brother is better than me. Actually, I am just average.”

“But you are the one who is famous throughout the land! Why do you say your brothers are better than you?” exclaimed the King.

Bian Que & Prevention

扁鵲 Bian Que gave the King the following explanation:

“My oldest brother practices prevention. He sees the source of an illness and treats it long before his patients start experiencing any symptoms. As a result people do not realize how much their physician does for them and so he is not on their mind.”

“My other brother treats his patients the moment they experience the first symptoms of an illness. He heals them before the ailment progresses any further and as a result people notice and appreciate his skill.”

“As for me, people come to see me when they are already very sick. I use various methods to treat them: strongest herbs, most powerful acupuncture treatments and even surgeries! Sadly, in most cases, I am unable to help my patients. However, from time to time, I manage to save a person’s life. And that is what people love to talk about which is the reason for my fame.”

The King understood 扁鵲 Bian Que’s meaning: the best physician is the one who prevents his patients from becoming sick, not the one who tries to save them when they are already near death.

OHO Seminars & Prevention

Here at OHO Seminars, we recognize the unparalleled value and effectiveness of prevention and focus on educating the public about how they can utilize it in their own lives.

Of course for us it all started with our founder Jiao Shi who has been an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine for over two decades and is now retired. For many years he has dedicated himself and his expertise to promoting and supporting a strong and healthy community.

To realize his vision he developed the Body Type System which is rooted in prevention and function. His commitment has been to demonstrate to people the ease with which each person can maintain their own optimal health using various simple methods available to continue to thrive.

Commitment is a choice and it bears unblemished fruit.