What are you putting in your body?

Just as we all have individual personality traits, we also have different body constitutions. The Body Type System™ is a form of the Ancient Chinese Evaluation Method used to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration. The Body Type System™ is not a fad diet: it is a LIFESTYLE change.

The nature of each type of food that you eat has an effect on your body. China’s King of Medicine, Sun Simiao, wrote the following around 652 BC in Essential Prescriptions for Every Emergency worth a Thousand in Gold,

“When a person’s body is balanced and harmonious, you must merely nurture it well. All substances that contain Qi provide food and thereby preserve life. And yet, eating them unaware can mean success or failure. To secure the body at the root, you must provide it with food. A person who does not know the appropriateness of food is unable to preserve life. Food is able to expel evil and stabilize the viscera and bowels, and to please the spirit and clear the will, thereby protecting blood and Qi. If you are able to use food to balance out chronic disorders, release emotions, and chase away disease, you can call yourself an outstanding craftsperson. This is the special method of lengthening the years and “eating for old age” and the utmost art of nurturing life.”

Sun Simiao

Eating For Your Body Type?

“All substances that contain Qi provide food and thereby preserve life.” Notice how Sun Simiao says ALL SUBSTANCES THAT CONTAIN QI provide FOOD? We are not linking “eating” to the oral administration of food products. Food is ANY substance that contains Qi. Ninety percent of the energy that your body receives is from SUNLIGHT, OXYGEN, and WATER alone. NINETY PERCENT! That makes the eating of food products ONLY TEN PERCENT or less of your energetic production.

If you want to be guided to YOUR SUCCESS, learn about all of the foods that your body processes: sunlight food, oxygen food, water food, and lastly the correct oral food based on your Body Type. Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and get some sun. Exercise for your Body Type and drink plenty of water.

In the East, food is eaten for nourishment and the preservation of health to AVOID dis-ease and illness. People practice Tai Ji in their schools, work, parks, and at their homes. It is a part of their everyday life. Did you know that with simple movements and coordinated breathing, you can regulate your body’s physiological function to maintain and restore your health?

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