Are You Searching For a System That Works?

Have you ever looked for a system that is UNIQUE TO YOU? You’ve tried exercise regimes and fad diets that weren’t quite right, only to stop and start – recovering from injuries. These are the kinds of questions we have concerned ourselves with for a LIFETIME.


The journey begins with YOU!!! Find out where you are so that you can get to where you are going. The Body Type System™ was discovered by our founder Jiao Shi, a retired Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Not only is the old new again, but the SCIENCE OF THE ANCIENTS is rediscovered.

What Body Type are YOU?

Are you the Body Type that should be doing Yoga, or avoiding it? Are you the Body Type that should be a weightlifter, or never do weights? How about cycling or running? Did you know that some people should never in their life have EVER eaten vegetables? Crazy right???!!! Which Body Type is gluten full, and NEVER ever gluten free? How about the Body Type that should never have eaten any type of animal products?

Consequently these and other questions will be answered in your session.

Jiao Shi will briefly explain what The Body Type System means specifically for you, what Body Type you are, which exercises are most beneficial, as well as which foods will release your ENERGETIC MATRIX. After that, he will answer any questions you might have and make further suggestions such as one of our exercise and/or nutrition courses.

What is the Body Type System™?

The Body Type System™ is a form of Ancient Chinese Evaluation Method used to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration.

The Body Type System™ was developed to help individuals connect back to their inner nature through realignment of their own unique energetic profile. This system, therefore, provides understanding on why nutrition and life style habits aid in function or dysfunction in your body. Moreover, it also offers tools to pin point and identify the core reasons for choices on your life path.

If you had the information you needed from the beginning of your life to chart a course that would help you avoid the pitfalls of healthcare, would you learn it?

Years ago I heard about Navigating Nutrition & Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System from a relative. At the time I was recovering from breast surgery and decided to try it. I only wish that I was introduced to The Body Type System earlier in life to avoid all of the pain I have caused myself. Thank you for teaching me how to have the energy to celebrate life every day!” – Bella


View our Welcome Video by Jiao Shi here!


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