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For over a decade we have provided training services for professionals and non professionals alike. The Western Hemisphere enjoys the benefits of these inspiring seminars, and as a result they are now being offered to the entire world.

People who have taken our classes have had profound changes in their lives. We were founded under the guiding principle “inspiring you to connect with life,” and that is just what we do. OHO Seminars offers a chance to enhance lifestyles and professional careers, no matter what industry you may be in. People from all walks of life will benefit from taking these seminars.

We provide the ability to sharpen skills and give tools to help guide you through your own self refinement. This is done with customized exercise regimes, food synthesis, and energetic expression. Ultimately, whether you are an individual or a professional, our seminars will connect you to your specialized life path.

Join us for an experience that will transform and revolutionize the way you engage with life.

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Discover a world where training is transformative and life is a journey without bounds.



Our Eastern Philosophy Courses take 6,000 years of written history and combine it with modern day techniques to provide a unique experience for patients.

Doctors and nurses looking at patients x-ray.


Western Physician Courses include training in Eastern Philosophy and its use aligned with the 200 year history of Western Medicine to benefit the patient.

Living in a world of technology


Non-Professional Education is imperative for understanding and cooperation between physician and patient. We provide information and classes to help close this gap and encourage patients to work along with their provider to maximize healing in the body.