Bian Que’s Warning


If you are familiar with our blog, you likely read our most recent post on 扁鵲 Bian Que and his three brothers (if you haven’t done that, here ya go!).  He was a highly skilled doctor from the ancient land of Qin.

One day his path crossed with King Huan, who ruled the Qi state during the Eastern Zhou period. Being skilled in the four exams, he could not help but notice that the King was ill,

“You have an illness and right now it is between your skin and muscle. Ignore it and it will go inside you.”

Convinced that 扁鵲 Bian Que was seeking fame and riches, the King ignored his words.

When the two met again a few days later, 扁鵲 Bian Que did not hold back,

“Your illness is now in your meridian system. It will go in further if ignored.”

The physician’s words annoyed the King who kept insisting that he was not ill.

When the doctor and King Huan met again a few days later, 扁鵲 Bian Que spoke the following words,

“Your illness has reached the intestines and stomach. It will get worse if neglected.”


The King’s decision


Five days later when 扁鵲 Bian Que saw the King, he did not utter one single word. The Sovereign became curious and sent a servant after the physician to find out why.

扁鵲 Bian Que explained,

“When the illness is between skin and muscle, merely soup or plaster will cure it. When the illness is in the meridian system, acupuncture and medicinal stones can take care of it. When the illness is in the intestines and stomach, medicinal wine can treat it. But when the illness is in the bone marrow, even the god in charge of fate cannot do anything about it. The King’s illness is now in his bone marrow, so I can no longer offer to cure it.”

When the King eventually felt pain a few days later, he called for 扁鵲 Bian Que who had already left. King Huan died shortly after.


Bian Que & Prevention through education


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