Three Physician Brothers: Bian Que

Three Physician Brothers

Thousands of years ago during the Warring States period (407-310 BC) there was a physician known for his medical skills in the land which modern man calls China. People called him 扁鵲 Bian Que which was the highest honor for a doctor in ancient times, however his given name was 秦越人 Qin Yueren.

One day 扁鵲 Bian Que was asked by the King, “Who amongst your brothers is the best physician?”

扁鵲 Bian Que answered, “My oldest brother is the best. My second brother is better than me. Actually, I am just average.”

“But you are the one who is famous throughout the land! Why do you say your brothers are better than you?” exclaimed the King.

Bian Que & Prevention

扁鵲 Bian Que gave the King the following explanation:

“My oldest brother practices prevention. He sees the source of an illness and treats it long before his patients start experiencing any symptoms. As a result people do not realize how much their physician does for them and so he is not on their mind.”

“My other brother treats his patients the moment they experience the first symptoms of an illness. He heals them before the ailment progresses any further and as a result people notice and appreciate his skill.”

“As for me, people come to see me when they are already very sick. I use various methods to treat them: strongest herbs, most powerful acupuncture treatments and even surgeries! Sadly, in most cases, I am unable to help my patients. However, from time to time, I manage to save a person’s life. And that is what people love to talk about which is the reason for my fame.”

The King understood 扁鵲 Bian Que’s meaning: the best physician is the one who prevents his patients from becoming sick, not the one who tries to save them when they are already near death.

OHO Seminars & Prevention

Here at OHO Seminars, we recognize the unparalleled value and effectiveness of prevention and focus on educating the public about how they can utilize it in their own lives.

Of course for us it all started with our founder Jiao Shi who has been an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine for over two decades and is now retired. For many years he has dedicated himself and his expertise to promoting and supporting a strong and healthy community.

To realize his vision he developed the Body Type System which is rooted in prevention and function. His commitment has been to demonstrate to people the ease with which each person can maintain their own optimal health using various simple methods available to continue to thrive.

Commitment is a choice and it bears unblemished fruit.

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