Health in the News – 11/27/15

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Below is an article about Tai Ji and fitness. For thousands of years in Asia, this has been a well known exercise/physiology health secret. With simple movements and coordinated breathing, you can regulate your body’s physiological function to maintain and restore your health.

These original movements started out with just a simple mimicking of animal postures. It then developed into a powerful fighting form. You’ll see now that they use it to fight disease and the aging process.

In the Body Type System™, we also have movements to reset your body from the dis-ease and aging process. These are simpler movements to learn than a full Tai Ji form, and this is why we recommend the Harmonizing Your Training™ videos for those who want to have a beneficial warm-up as well as a way to reset your body when it is upset.

It does not matter if you are moving fast or slow, as long as you keep moving :-)!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi Kamal

Source: BBC NEWS – Tai Chi ‘could be prescribed’ for illnesses

Tai Chi is a suitable exercise for older people with conditions like arthritis, a study has found.

The ancient Chinese art improves physical performance and enhances quality of life, say researchers.

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggests the exercise helps with pain and stiffness in arthritis.

It can also help improve quality of life in the lung condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

And it may have some physical benefits for people with breast cancer or heart failure, according to researchers from the University of British Colombia, Vancouver.

In the future, it might even be possible to consider prescribing Tai Chi for patients with several illnesses, they said.

“Our findings support the results of a previous systematic review that showed the effectiveness of Tai Chi on health outcomes in older patients with chronic conditions,” Dr Yi-Wen Chen and colleagues wrote in their research paper.

“Tai Chi can improve some physical performance outcomes in four chronic conditions (cancer, osteoarthritis, heart failure and COPD) but not at the expense of worsening pain or dyspnoea (breathlessness).”

The data comes from a review of more than 30 studies looking at the health benefits of the exercise.

Past research has found that Tai Chi may reduce the risk of falls among older adults who are at increased risk.

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 6

This week i would like to do a review of this vessel we call the Body.  The Body has 206 bones, over 650 Muscles, and Billions of neurons connected to the Central Nervous System.   It also has different types of cells such as white blood cells, red blood cells, stem cells and Merkel cells.  You can use Western terms such as previously stated, or Eastern terms like Qi, blood, meridians collaterals etc.  But, have you ever wondered how the body integrates all of these functions and cells into one cohesive unit?


Please pay close attention to the picture we chose for this particular blog series.  The image shows a very common stance in Tai Ji Quan – it all has to do with proper alignment or in other words, POSTURE.   As you review from week to week the videos in your respective subscriptions, one thing I want you to keep in mind is your POSTURE.  It will align your bones, your muscles, your joints and ligaments.  It will facilitate the production of your cells and blood flow.  So remember, the POSTURE you use while doing these Body Type System™ exercises will assist you in the restoration of original function.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 5

This week I want to speak about maintaining your COURSE on this Body Type System™ journey .

Many ask how do I maintain the results I have currently achieved, but then continue to strive for my ultimate destination?  First I would like to respond by saying – now that you have set your goals you must remember to maintain your course.  What is your COURSE?  It is the natural flow to your destination.

Remember, your destination is based on the goals you have set. In other words, head for the light at the end of the tunnel – or the sound that will lead you out of a dark cave.  Step by step, let nature take its course. Your body knows the way like a trained horse who knows its way home.  You are the rider who is steering it in the direction you want to proceed.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 4

This week I want to encourage you all on to set realistic GOALS on this Body Type System™ journey .

What do I mean by realistic GOALS?  Many of the people I have TYPED over the years have had either Acute, Sub- Acute, or Chronic conditions. With that in mind, as you progress on your path of self -discovery you will see different mile markers.  Some will see increased energy, flexibility, changes in appetite and circulation just to name a few.

A word to the wise – remember to re-evaluate yourself at different intervals throughout the year to make sure you are on track towards your original destination.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 3

This week we will be talking about the word FOCUS.  Last week we talked about super-charging your training.  Now that your training is moving faster, you have to be sure that you maintain your course.  That takes clear FOCUS and proper goal setting.  Many people come to professionals like myself with a variety of complaints.  It is our task to see the root of all of those complaints and to set a proper goal.  This is why in Chinese Medicine we have a word of caution that reminds us not to chase butterflies, or to grab a tiger by the tail.  With symptoms and manifestations moving in various different directions, it can be very confusing on how to clearly define the root of the problem.  That key is the word FOCUS.

Start at your origin point, and that is your navel (belly button).  If you maintain your focus at your navel at the beginning of your practice and at the end of your practice, your body will have the desired results that you are seeking.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 2

This week we will be talking about how to super-charge your training.  With that said, I want to go back to an old Taoist principle – do without doing.  Those of us who know a little something about cars and race cars know that you can have a superb street car with excellent mechanical conditions, but to take it to the next level to a race car, you will need to super-charge it.  How do you do that?  Those in the racing world know about NOS.  NOS injects nitrous oxide into the engine which creates a super-charging effect which allows the engine to work in extreme conditions and be able to produce propulsion beyond the normal limits.  The human body also utilizes a type of NOS in order to regulate its physiological processes.  So since we are talking about harmonizing your training, remember the acronym NOS.

N – atural Body Movement

O – riginal – this means to go back to your original way without stress, without form, without any type of preconceived notion.

S – implicity – the simpler the movements the more profound.

When the body goes into its Yin phase it will open the gate of wonders and maybe it will reveal to you some of its hidden secrets.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Harmonizing Your Training with The Body Type System™ Insights Part 1

The next series we will discuss are about the specialized movements of the Harmonizing your Training exercises.

To begin, why do we call it harmonizing your training? Mainly because people around the world already do various forms of exercise. One thing I have noticed as a physician is that those who maintained a regular exercise regime at some point had injuries.  Maybe it was because of a structural defect or simply because they did not warm up properly.  Whichever the case may be, with my experience in various styles of essential exercises, I wanted to share a way for people to enjoy the benefits of their exercise program and avoid any non-beneficial side effects from long term work outs.  Therefore I developed different exercises for each body type involving warming up and cooling down.

In this next series of discussions, we will talk about the different applications of these movements and participants will receive direct feedback from me with various tips to HARMONIZE THEIR TRAINING.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

Shi Zi Lu Kow Jiao Shi- Crossroads with the Professor – How to Eat Out with The Body Type System™ Series

To close out our series on “how to eat out with the Body Type System,” let’s review our key points:

DON’T STRESS ABOUT IT! and when you are upset, reset



TAKE YOUR TIME! and remember MIND


With these in MIND, you are sure to have a good time!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

How to Eat Out with The Body Type System™ Series – Final


Many people ask me how to transform the energy in food.  My response is always, “ACTIVATE IT!”  Here are some key steps to activate your food:

  1. The simple thing is breathing.  Oxygenation plays a key role in digestion, so therefore, oxygenate.
  2. Get up and move, move, move!
  3. Take a stroll.
  4. Avoid sedentary recreation.
  5. After the above four actions, realize you must maintain balance.  So then, make sure you have the proper rest cycle.  There’s an old saying “early to bed, early to rise.”

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

How to Eat Out with The Body Type System™ Series – Part 4


Remember this acronym: MIND!  Always take your time and keep your mind relaxed while you are eating, and support your energy with nutrition.

M – masticate- chew your food!

don’t I -nhale – which means don’t talk and eat at the same time.

N – nurture – which means to give your body time to digest what you just chewed.

D – digest – if you follow the first three steps, now you can socialize while your body is processing the food.

These are simple tips that if you keep MINDful of, then your body will produce the energy that you need at the appropriate time.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!