This week we will be talking about the word FOCUS.  Last week we talked about super-charging your training.  Now that your training is moving faster, you have to be sure that you maintain your course.  That takes clear FOCUS and proper goal setting.  Many people come to professionals like myself with a variety of complaints.  It is our task to see the root of all of those complaints and to set a proper goal.  This is why in Chinese Medicine we have a word of caution that reminds us not to chase butterflies, or to grab a tiger by the tail.  With symptoms and manifestations moving in various different directions, it can be very confusing on how to clearly define the root of the problem.  That key is the word FOCUS.

Start at your origin point, and that is your navel (belly button).  If you maintain your focus at your navel at the beginning of your practice and at the end of your practice, your body will have the desired results that you are seeking.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

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