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Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses several methods designed to help patients achieve and maintain health.

In Ancient China, the word for nutrition was yíngyǎng (营养) – and was used to describe how a specific herb or food nourishes yǒuyì (有益) the body’s qì (). Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates achieving harmony and balance. If the correct food or medicine is given, it is considered nourishment. If the wrong food or medicine is given it can produce dysfunction.

Jiao Shi uses a form of Ancient Evaluation to ascertain the body’s constitution. This follows distinct patterns of the human form to determine the energetic expression of a disease process as well as a path to restoration. As the founder of OHO Seminars and developer of the Body Type System™, he has been educating individuals, families, and whole communities on how to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for themselves through Navigating Nutrition for more than twenty years.

One of the invaluable tools that he built to practice the Body Type System™ is the Navigating Nutrition + TypeMe Community subscription which is a one year membership with the main goal of guiding people on their path to health and success.

Our members’ journeys to maximize healing begins with a two hour Navigating Nutrition video narrated by Jiao Shi in which he describes the person’s food matrix in depth and also provides information on food synthesis for their body. Once they are clear on the concepts of the Body Type System™ and the energy of food, they are ready to institute and implement the changes according to the system into their life. The TypeMe Community is where theory meets practice and develops into a lifestyle principle.

Jiao Shi’s vision for this virtual gathering place is for people seeking wholeness in life to be able to find answers to their questions, be guided and supported on their journey through Navigating Nutrition, enjoy delicious flavors, get inspired to be creative, discover and explore various foods and cultures, but, most importantly to eat for their specific Body Type in order to return back to function and harmony!

Included in the TypeMe Community are over 100 recipes formatted specifically for each Body Type plus one NEW recipe every week, ingredient lists, snack suggestions, exercise blogs, a Kids corner, discussion groups, access to Jiao Shi and his expertise and much more! Any members of a family that have the same Body Type may share a subscription. TypeMe Community is where practice makes perfect!

Though this nutritional guide is offered but not limited to one year, the skills it helps you develop will extend and support you throughout your entire life!

Create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Then go out and take an amazing vacation with all that you saved in healthcare bills!

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