Morning Workout Class

Wake up with OHO Seminars & Jiao Shi

For the past several months, members of our global community have been tuning in for a Live Morning Workout Class (MWC) with Jiao Shi, a retired Chinese Medical Physician and the founder of OHO Seminars. The response has so far been amazing!

In ancient China a physician was responsible for not only treating various types of conditions, but also maintaining his or her own immune system so that they would not get sick and could continue to treat patients without interruptions.

What most people do not realize is that there is a huge chance that their modern day Chinese physician knows several different exercises for building physical strength, immunity and overall energy. Jiao Shi is no exception. He began perfecting various practices, techniques, and movements over three decades ago and carries on the ancient tradition.

Having witnessed the growing challenges faced by ordinary people today, Jiao Shi has funneled his extensive experience and decades of dedicated practice into a short and simple, yet highly effective 30 minute daily workout and has made it available and affordable to the world.

The Morning Workout Class is a simple exercise regime from ancient times combining Dao Yin principles as well as coordinated breathing.  This promotes overall endurance and balance in the body.

So many of us, especially in the West, are accustomed to focusing on our outer shell and end up ignoring the fundamental importance of internal strength and balance. We concern ourselves with muscle and how we look and bypass harmony which is vital for daily function and performance.

The brilliance of MWC is that the movements are amazingly simple and easy to do. Virtually anyone can do them from anywhere in the world with hardly any prior practice or much space available to them. Yet the exercises not only help build one’s resilience; they also instruct the body to reset to its original function. How incredible is that?!

You start your day. Challenges might be thrown at you, yet you remain unfazed as your energy for the day has been aligned with the cosmic energy during the workout and as a reward “it carries you; you are not carrying it” as one of our practicing members has rightfully noticed. Balance leads to harmony. You return to your authentic self. The environment within you and all around you is at peace.

One of the many benefits of the Morning Workout Class is that it may be done at anytime of the day. Furthermore, many practicing members have reported that it adds a couple of hours of readiness and more energy to their day. This has also led to an increase in the overall performance and rate of their daily accomplishments.


While some cannot make the live workout as we reach all corners of the planet with many different time zones, it is no problem! Recorded replays are available daily at 10:00 A.M. ET U.S. for 1 week.

Yes, holding ourselves accountable, taking responsibility and claiming our lives back might not be the easiest of tasks to undertake, however, it might be the path some of us are already on, some are preparing to get on, and some are just now finding out about.

Discovering the Morning Workout Class (MWC) is a valuable and indispensable tool in your life journey.   

All of us at OHO Seminars cannot wait to see you join our global community on the path to restoration and wholeness!

Healthier Together from Anywhere!

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