This week I would like to focus on the concept of AWARENESS. When one is AWARE of things, you have a general sense of being able to be in touch. First you will notice it with your five senses.

The next phase of awareness is beyond your five senses, which I hope that all of you will experience over time. As you begin to cultivate your sense of awareness, be mindful not to become obsessive.

So what do I mean by that?

To be AWARE of something means that you are acknowledging that an event occurred. Examples are respiration, your heart beat, your eyes blinking, etc. To be obsessive means that you are checking your pulse rate, and you are constantly looking at yourself for different types of problems that don’t exist in reality. You have to learn the difference between false AWARENESS, and true AWARENESS. As you develop these particular skills, it will be easier to apply all of the other highlights that we have discussed from week to week.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

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