The subject this week is ALLOWANCE.  Many will be reminded of a certain amount of funds that may be alotted weekly in some households to their children.  The body also has a type of system that distributes various products such as hormones, fluids and other nutritive products throughout its system.  This is regulated by what Western Medicine terms as the autonomic nervous system.  This system has two main phases: the sympatheic (Yang) or the parasympathetic (Yin).  As we do our various Harmonizing your Traing exercises, keep in mind that your body is completely AWARE of your physical movements.  It then takes that information and begins to release the differnt manufactured products at its own pace and time.  This ia what is termed as ALLOWANCE.

Remember, after you finish your Harmonizing Your Training routine, do not focus on any given results.  ALLOW your body restore its function and be amazed.  The keys to healing and restoration are already in you – waiting for permission to be released.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi (Professor) Kamal

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