We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Polite was featured as a guest on Dr. Robin Falkov’s show Event Horizons speaking on Tongue Diagnosis and Chinese Medicine.

Tongue Diagnosis as a method of scanning the body’s functional processes in real time dates back to a written history of 3rd century B.C. and has enjoyed a constant development over the ages. Books such as The Huangdi Neijing Su Wen (3 B.C.) and further compilations such as Shanghan Lun (220 A.D.) and Aoshi Shanghan Jinjing Lu (1341 A.D.), outline descriptions of various tongues based on color, shape, size, texture, fluid distribution, and coating, just to name a few. These are aspects that a practitioner looks for when analyzing a patient for function or dysfunction.

So, why the tongue? We always have to go back to the basics, which are descriptions of Yang and Yin. How can a practitioner see the inside of the body (Yin) from the outside of the body (Yang)? We have certain precepts in Chinese Medicine – like the different channels such as the Heart and San Jiao which are the fire element – that are connected to the tongue. By looking at the tongue without doing any type of radical surgery, you can see in real time the functionality of the organ’s presentation.

How do we do this in modern day? We use other types of scanning devices to see the inside of the body in current time to make diagnosis from a Westernized origin. Realize that in 3rd century B.C., they had an organic device to see the body! We can liken the tongue now to such instruments such as C.T., X-Ray, MRI, Thermography, etc. What is great about tongue diagnosis from a convenience standpoint is that you are carrying all of those devices within you – the patient is the very tool needed to help us help you. Below, are pictures from the ancient times until present, to help you see how the development of tongue diagnosis has progressed over this millennia.










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