Welcome again to this part of the journey. The next series of tips come from a place of discovery. A child like discovery. REMEMBER TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD. One of the most vital experiences of childhood is to PLAY. Playing allows for discovery of new environments and allows the person to experiment with themselves safely to determine the true nature of their surroundings.

  1. Befriend the waiter let them know you have an allergy and are on a special diet. Ask them if it would be possible for their chef to accommodate your needs. As the patron typically they will accommodate you, NEVER BE AFRAID TO SIMPLY ASK!
  1. Request to see their nutrition and allergen guide detailing the ingredients in their dishes. Many places also offer this online.
  1. Go Ethnic – look for restaurants off of the beaten path- they tend to be very accommodating.
  1. Request to have your dressings and condiments on the side – that way you can verify the ingredients yourself!
  1. Make sure that you double check with your server to verify that there will be no cheese sprinkled on top of your food or butter cooked in your dish if you are unable to have animal proteins.
  1. Bring pocket-sized creamers and sweeteners for your drinks.
  1. Order a variety of side dishes if you are having issues finding an entree.
  1. Instead of going for fast food, run into your local grocery store and grab something to go!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Jiao Shi

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