Xiǎo Xuě : Minor Snow

小雪 Xiǎo Xuě : Minor Snow

November 22nd through December 6th marks the time of 小雪 Xiǎo Xuě, or Minor Snow, the 20th term in the Ancient Chinese solar calendar and 2nd portion of Winter.

The snow begins to fall and the weather becomes cold in many places in Northern China.

Temperatures are dropping in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. According to the Ancient Chinese, Winter is a time to slow down and turn inwards. Consider self-reflection, quiet time, meditating, and nourishing yourself both physically and spiritually. We always suggest internal martial arts such as Dao Yin exercises.



Winter According to The Ancients

During Minor Snow the Ancients believed that:

  • 虹藏不見, “Rainbows are concealed from view” – Rainbows are said to be the result of Yin and Yang energies mixing. Winter is dominated by Yin, and therefore rainbows are not present.
  • 天氣上騰地氣下降, “The Qi of the sky ascends, the Qi of the earth descends”
  • 閉塞而成冬, “Closure and stasis create winter” – The Qi retreats into the sky and earth, Yin and Yang, leads to the dormancy of winter. Dormancy and hibernation of animals begin in the natural world.


The Rainbow Has Hidden

A Famous Poem from the Tang Dynasty:

The Rainbow has Hidden
by Xu Chang

Minor Snow comes with the winter,
The rainbow hides itself at this season.
The white and pure clouds are formed,
The stars in the sky shine as in summer.
The rainbow is incomparable When birds fly around it, what an auspicious sign.
Now the gully has no more sunshine,
The river in heaven loses its colorful bridge.
The morning rain falls thick and fast
In the evening, the sun is barely seen in the mist.
The weather changes as the solar terms goes,
For the latter has been through a long history.

May you continue to balance and harmonize yourself as we transition into 小雪 Xiǎo Xuě. Stay warm!




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