Navigating Nutrition + Type Me Community add-ons



The Navigating Nutrition™ 1 year subscription includes a step by step video describing your diet structure. It will give you the tools necessary to pin point and identify the core reasons for choices on your life path in regards specifically to food synthesis and energetic expression.

Also included is the Type Me Community:

  • 4 recipes per month based on your Body Type
  • Ingredient Lists including Spices
  • How to make the Body Type System Work for You blog
  • 1 interactive blog per month by Jiao Shi and discussion groups
  • Body Type Exercise blogs
  • Kids Corner which includes recipes for Kids as well as experiments to understand the body
  • Body Type “Groups” where recipes and pertinent information is posted focusing on your specific Body Type – individuals may also share their own experience and recipes in this area.
  • Social Media Designed for your Body Type with a profile, messaging and more!

*Please remember that if you have any members of your family that have the same Body Type, they may share a subscription!

**During checkout, please provide the names, body types, and email addresses for all family members/subscriptions you are purchasing in the NOTES section- we need 1 email address per body type.  Thank you!

***Requires a 1 year commitment, with a 6 month cancellation fee if terminated early.

Payment Plan

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