How do I change the Payment Method on my Subscription?

The Change Payment Method button can be used to update the payment method for future recurring payments, e.g., when your credit card expires, or when you need to use a different credit card than the one currently on file.

Change Recurring Payment Process

To change the payment method used for a subscription, you need to:

  • Go to the “My Account” Tab on the upper right side of your screen.  Make sure that you are logged into your account. Choose “Account Details”.
  • Click on “Subscriptions” on the left side.
  • Select the “Change Payment Method” button next to a subscription (alternatively, you may have to click on the subscription first before seeing the button).
  • Enter the new payment details on the Checkout > Pay page.
  • Submit the Checkout > Pay form and return to the My Account page where a confirmation message says that the payment method has been updated.

**Please note – clicking “Payment Methods” on the My Account page will not update your subscription payment method.  You must change it using the directions above**

Where can I obtain a list of foods for my Body Type?

To fully grasp the nutritional aspects of the Body Type System, it is imperative that you complete the Navigating Nutrition course.  This course will include a step by step video describing your diet structure. The Navigating Nutrition subscription does not provide recipes or food lists. It will however, provide you with a foundational understanding of your Body Type so that you are able to pick out which types of food are beneficial to you and begin the next step on the journey.  The Type Me Community will then provide you with more detailed lists, recipes, and support.  The Navigating Nutrition course is a prerequisite for the Type Me Community because you need to understand the structure and foundation of your Body Type before diving into the lists and recipes on our community.

Is there a way I can speak to Jiao Shi if I have any further questions?

Yes!  Please sign onto our website, and in the bottom right corner click on “LIVE CHAT.”  We are available from 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time.  Ask the team if Jiao Shi is available, and if he is, he will be happy to come on and chat with you.  We also suggest coming on and doing a “Followup Consult” if your questions are more in depth.

Body Type Me + Navigating Nutrition & Type Me Subscription

The Navigating Nutrition™ + Type Me Community annual subscription includes a step by step video describing your diet structure as well as an online social media platform that provides ingredient lists, recipes, blogs, a Kids Corner, discussions with Jiao Shi, and more!