Harmonizing Your Training with the Body Type System™ Part 3

Harmonizing Your Training with the Body Type System™ Part 3

Welcome back again!  Today we will finish up the third and final section to Harmonizing Your Training™ with the Body Type System™.  We will touch on a few final tips from Jiao Shi, and leave you with some reflections from 老子 Lao Tzu.

Maintain Your Course

Maintain your COURSE which is a natural flow to your destination. Your destination is based on the goals you have set. Head for the light at the end of the tunnel – or the sound that will lead you out of a dark cave.

Step by step, let nature take its course. Your body knows the way like a trained horse who knows its way home. You are the rider who is steering it in the direction you want to proceed.

“Who can make the muddy water clear? Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear. Who can secure the condition of rest? Let movement go on, and the condition of rest will gradually arise.”
-老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 15

The Benefits of Stillness

STILLNESS provides many different benefits to the body’s ability to manifest longevity. Take a look at the Sequoia Trees in the Western U.S. Even though these trees seem completely still they are in steady constant motion.

When you are doing the Harmonizing Your Training™ exercises, remember to begin in STILLNESS and end in STILLNESS. You will be surprised how your body switches from the Yang phase (Sympathetic) to the Yin Phase (Parasympathetic).
It is in the Yin phase when body rests, refines, and restores itself – even while you are conscious. This is why many of these ancient exercises are known as moving meditation.

“The state of vacancy should be brought to the utmost degree, and that of stillness guarded with unwearying vigor.  All things alike go through their processes of activity, and we see them return to their original state. Then things have displayed their luxuriant growth, we see each of them return to its root. This returning to their root is what we call the state of stillness; and that stillness may be called a reporting that they have fulfilled their appointed end.”

-老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 16

Be Aware

To be AWARE of something means that you are acknowledging that an event occurred. Examples are respiration, your heart beat, your eyes blinking, etc. To be obsessive means that you are checking your pulse rate, and you are constantly looking at yourself for different types of problems that don’t exist in reality. You have to learn the difference between false AWARENESS, and true AWARENESS.

“Everything relies upon The Dao for their existence, and it does not fail them. It acquires merit but covets not the title. It lovingly nourishes everything, but does not claim the rights of ownership. It has no desires, it can be classed with the small. Everything returns to it, yet it does not claim the right of ownership. It can be classed with the great.  Therefore the wise man to the end will not pose as a great man, and by so doing will express his true greatness.”

-老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 34

Allow Your Body to Be

After you finish your Harmonizing Your Training™ routine, do not focus on any given results. ALLOW your body to restore its function and be amazed.

“Heaven and Earth unite together and send down the sweet dew, which, without the directions of men, reaches equally everywhere as of its own accord.”

-老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 32


Final Reflections on Harmonizing Your Training with the Body Type System™

Allow yourself to flow naturally to your destination with stillness to manifest longevity.  Be aware of the changes in your body without being obsessive, and ALLOW your body to be restored back to harmony and its original function.  REMEMBER, the keys to healing and restoration are already within you.

As the great Terry Lewis says from Jam & Lewis,

“You ARE great, just go be it!”

  • "I was dragging my feet a bit this morning. the whole of the head was sort of dry & stuffy & just the whole of the inner body was as if aching. i did my earth yang exercise, just 10 movements & voila. these exercises never stop amazing me. i mean it took seconds before i clearly experienced my body return back to normal. i was no longer dry & hot inside; i literally felt my body temp balance itself back to neutral, i felt internally stronger, i could continue on with my day. how??!! LOL. just thank you"

  • "I have been practicing the Body Type System through Navigating Nutrition & Harmonizing Your Training for over 5 years. I highly recommend it! No need to feel helpless, with the Body Type System you can help yourself! Here’s to a life with no pills, doctors, sickness or pain. Thank you Jiao Shi!"

  • "Harmonizing Your Training is my favorite thing.  I tend to be emotional, and this helps me to center myself and calm down.  If I eat something that does not agree with me I do these exercises and am fine.  Thank you for a tool that is so simple, yet so profound.  My life has been changed."


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Harmonizing Your Training™ Part 2

Harmonizing Your Training™ Part 2

Welcome back! For those of you who already practice Harmonizing Your Training™, part 2 is for you!  Stay focused and restore function with a few simple and effective tips from Jiao Shi. Let’s get started!

“How do I know the way of all things at the Beginning? By what is within me.”

老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng


Super Charge

Super-Charge your training by adhering to an old Daoist principle called 无为 wuwei: in other words, ‘do without doing’.  In addition, begin practicing N-O-S as well.

N – Natural Body Movement
O – Original – or going back to your original way without stress, without form, without any type of preconceived notion.
S – Simplicity – the simpler the movements, the more profound.

When the body goes into its Yin phase it will open the gate of wonders, and just maybe it will reveal to you some of its hidden secrets.

“The Dao in its regular course does nothing (for the sake of doing it), and so there is nothing which it does not do.  If princes and kings were able to maintain it, all things would of themselves be transformed by them. If this transformation became to me an object of desire, I would express the desire by the nameless simplicity.  Simplicity without a name is free from all external aim.  With no desire, at rest and still.  All things go right as of their will.”

老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 37


Stay Focused

After that, stay FOCUSed. Avoid chasing butterflies and grabbing tigers by their tails. With symptoms and manifestations moving in various different directions, it can be very confusing on how to clearly define the root of the problem. Start at your origin point, which is your navel (belly button).  If you maintain your focus at your navel during the beginning of your practice and at the end, your body will have the desired results that you are seeking.

“The thing that is well planted is not easily uprooted. The thing that is well guarded is not easily taken away.”

老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 54


Set Realistic Goals

Lastly, set realistic GOALS and remember to re-evaluate yourself at different intervals throughout the year to make sure you are on track towards your original destination.

“Continuing to fill a pail after it is full the water will be wasted. Continuing to grind an axe after it is sharp will soon wear it away.”

老子 Lao Tzu, 道德經 Dàodé Jīng, Chapter 9


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