The Body Type System allows the practitioner of the Body Type System™ to follow distinct patterns of the human form to ascertain a pattern of disease as well as restoration. The five main shapes are based on the ancient Chinese periodic table namely the five elements which are metal, fire, earth, wood, water and are respectively the shapes diamond, circle, oval, square and hexagon. Once your body type is determined, a nutritional and exercise program that best suits your body is taught so that you may participate in restoring and maintaining your health. Then you as the non-professional who may not understand what is going on physiologically, can have a very clear understanding about how to do certain things for yourself from a nutritional stand point. The Body Type System™ was developed to help individuals connect back to their inner nature through exercise regime and food synthesis. This system provides understanding on why nutrition and life style habits aided in function or dysfunction in your body. Our courses will specifically give you the tools to pin point and identify the core reasons for choices on your life path in regards to energetic expression.