In the Body Type Me ™ 15 min Initial Consult you will be BODY TYPED . You may want to add on Navigating Nutrition + Type Me Community ™ and/or Harmonizing Your Training ™.  The Navigating Nutrition ™ subscription will educate you on how to unlock the energy of food for functional support and is coupled with the Type Me Community which provides recipes, food lists, as well as a social media like community to interact with other Body Types.  The Harmonizing Your Training ™ subscription provides movements based on the energetic patterns of each Body Type. Mastering these movements will allow you to reset your body and take charge of your own health. If you are unsure of which subscriptions you would like, Jiao Shi will make suggestions during the consult.  Harmonizing Your Training ™ is an exercise regime that allows you to reset your body to its original function. Think of it like coordinated breathing such as yoga, pilates, or tai chi.  Harmonizing your Training ™ will provide coordinated breathing and exercise that will reset your body quickly, Navigating Nutrition ™ is a 2 hour video that will provide information on food synthesis for your body and energetic expression.