Revolutionizing Restorative Healthcare

NO … THIS NEEDS TO SAY WHO WE ARE. I DONT LIKE THIS… WE ARE A…..Ancient Asian Medicine sees the body as a system of interrelated parts working harmoniously together for your benefit. Let us guide you to optimal health using a 6,000 year old medicine that over 80% of the world utilizes and trusts.

Virtual Asian Healthcare

Redefining Healthcare & Connecting To Patients Globally

From sickness to prevention we are here to help using the best that Asian Medicine has to offer, all from the comfort of your own home. Completely user-friendly and available via any device. Finally a healthcare solution that meets you where you are, and customizes a solution just for YOU.

Choose Your Pathway To Health

Prevention & restoration

Body Type Me Consult

The Body Type Me™ Consultation uses an ancient form of the Chinese Evaluation Method to ascertain your body’s unique constitution.

Find out what Body Type you are, how to incorporate the four energies into your everyday life, which exercises are most beneficial to you, as well as which foods will release your ENERGETIC MATRIX. Through The Body Type System we use customized exercise regimes and food synthesis to start your journey to self discovery.


This consult is for anyone experiencing Pain Sickness Trauma

S.I.C. Consult

Symptoms, Indications, & Conditions

Our S.I.C. consultations are for anyone that has symptoms, indications, or conditions that need specialized and dedicated treatment. All types of ailments are welcome and will use Virtual Chinese Medicine including Herbaceuticals. Let’s get you back up and performing at your best.

What Clients say

The Process is Simple

and the results life changing


Choose Your Consult Type

Begin your journey to wellness by scheduling an online video consultation. Choose a date and time that works best for you in your timezone.


Complete the Requirements

To make the most of your consultation time, you will be required to complete prerequisites including what you can expect and how to prepare for your appointment as well as intake information and your goals.



Sign onto Your Video Consult

Each consultation is 15 minutes long via our online meeting platform ZOOM. Be sure to have a mic and webcam available for your evaluation.

Idea – Quote Jiao Shism

“The real mystery is we don’t really know who we are. Once you understand that, then every environment you can adapt to.”

-Jiao Shi

Are you a healthcare practitioner with a difficult case? Need some insight and a clear direction forward for your patient? Kamal Polite, D.O.M., A.P., C.H.E. has 26+ years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and East-Meets-West modalities. Book a S.I.C. consultation today to begin their path to a guided treatment plan.