Soups & Porridges For Your Soul: 10 Recipes for 
The Thespian Body Type™


You’ve been asking, and now it’s here!

Dive into the core philosophies of Navigating Nutrition, including 10 recipes for The Thespian™ (Metal Yin) Body Type as well as 16 food lists to get you going. Get started on your journey to SELF DISCOVERY.

您的健康 To your health!

If you want to be guided to YOUR SUCCESS, learn about all of the foods that your body processes: sunlight food, oxygen food, water food, and lastly the correct oral food based on your Body Type, The Thespian. Learn about all of these and more in Soups & Porridges For Your Soul!

About the Author

Kamal Polite, A.P. DOM is the founder of OHO Seminars and developer of The Body Type System™. He is a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist with over 26+ years of experience, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 教室 Jiao Shi (Teacher) has been educating physicians, individuals, families, and whole communities on how to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for themselves through prevention.

“Think of food as consolidated energy. When we burn it, we convert 
it back to its energetic form” – 教室 Jiao Shi


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The Thespian Body Type™”